a holistic approach to enhancing your pet’s quality of life



It’s no secret that we love our pets here at House of Healthy Pets. We believe in the potential of CBD for our precious dogs and cats with stress, anxiety, pain, and arthritis. Healthy pets are happy pets – and we value our pets' overall wellness just like you.

So, how did we begin? House of Healthy Pets was, in a sense, created by our human customers at our brick and mortar store, House of Hemp OBX in North Carolina. We noticed that while our customers shopped for themselves, they would also inquire about pet-friendly CBD. As the inquiries began to grow, so did requests for products…so we decided that we’d harness our expertise and passion and make it happen!

Since there is little difference in the way human and pet CBD oils are manufactured, we knew that we could make smart decisions about the products we’d select for our online store.  While there are variations in flavorings -- bacon, beef, chicken, or fish – pet-friendly CBD products are similar to those humans use. Occassionally, a pet-friendly CBD product will have a small dose of cod liver oil extract. And because we believe in science, all House of Healthy Pets CBD products have lab reports demonstrating that they are organic as well as solvent- and pesticide-free. Like you, we believe that our pets deserve our best.